Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eating from the grill...

Tonight's dinner was a pretty easygoing affair. I bought about a pound of sliced pork steaks from our local Hanaro grocery store last weekend. The steaks were beautifully marbled with fat (ok, who else but a Filipino would wax poetic about fat?).

Anyway, we have an electric grill pan that we bought a year ago for a huge discount. The store owner said that they were selling the Tefal grill at more than half the price since they lost the original packaging box that came with it. Which was cool since we paid kust about $40 for the grill. And we've been loving it since.

Here's Billy manning the grill tonight.

The perks of manning the grill is that you get to "taste-test" if the food has cooked.

"Okay, Mom. That's enough pictures. You can put the camera down now."

We would grill our tenderloin steaks, korean pork bacon (samgyeopsal), hotdogs, fish, etc.

And Billy giving the thumbs-up sign for a great pork dinner. :)

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